Taking a bath in the pool in summer or in hot weather is a very pleasant activity to do with family or friends. But this plan can be affected by the color and appearance of the water: green and cloudy. It is unpleasant to see the pool in such conditions and it takes away the desire to bathe in it, in addition to being unsanitary to do so. It is also a tedious and somewhat expensive task to empty, clean and refill.

How to clean a pool with green water?

If your pool already has that unpleasant cloudy green color you have two options:

  • Clean it without emptying the pool
  • Empty and refill

The second option can be very expensive depending on the size of the pool. In the same way, i recommend you opt for the first, so you take care of the environment.

For cleaning the main thing you should do is check that the filter works well and is clean. Change it if necessary. Then measure the ph of the water, ideally it should be between 7.2 and 7.6. When you’re ready, continue with the following steps:

1. Sweep the bottom and walls

With a broom, sweep the entire floor and remove the algae. Do the same with a smaller brush along the walls. Nothing should be moldy. Then turn on the pump to blow air bubbles and filter what you have taken off.

2. Add chlorine

The amount of chlorine you add will depend on the size of the pool. For a 4500 liter, 2 liters of chlorine is sufficient. You should add it little by little on all sides. This action will form flocculation.

Flocculation, in short, is a process that serves to promote the decantation and filtration of substances and micro-organisms. With the broom, stir the water to further disperse the chlorine.

clean pool

3. Let the purifier work

Since you’ve already shed much of the algae in the pool and added chlorine, you have to let the purifier do its job for a couple of hours. This will be collecting some algae and grouping the vast majority at the bottom. After a while you will notice that the water loses its greenish hue.

4. Add muriatic acid

The water will no longer be green, but it will be opaque, although at the bottom you can see the dead algae. At this stage you should focus on removing the hardness of the water. For this you will add 1 liter of muriatic acid in the same way that you did with the chlorine. This will cause the water to soften and the lime to sink to the bottom.

5. Suck up the remains of the bottom and change the filter

Now you have to turn off the pump and wait for the water to settle down. Then, with a special vacuum cleaner, it begins to suck all the residues that have remained at the bottom. Then change the filter. Stir the water again with the broom so that the remaining particles lift off the bottom. Turn on the pump and let it work for a few hours. With the new filter the results will be remarkable.

6. Measure if more acid or chlorine is missing

Use a test strip to study what the water is missing. You do this by submerging it 20 cm for 30 s. When you take it out, wait a few minutes until it changes color. This color should be compared with those that appear on the product packaging.

These prompts show what is missing. Your task is to follow how to clean a green swimming pool.

7. Eliminate the rest of waste

The last step is to purify all the excess waste. It is suggested that you turn off the pump and wait for the water to settle. This last cleaning must be done more carefully. Start the pump and let it work. You will see that the water will now be clean and crystal clear and you can take a good dip again.